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For the safety of our patients and our staff, we just see patients

"By appointment" now.

Please call us to schedule an appointment for your orthotics/prosthetics services. 

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About us

Darya Shahrokhi 


- Certified prosthetist orthotist

- CCS paneled

- Board examiner

- Fellow of the American Academy of orthotists & prosthetists

Darya Shahrokhi has graduated from medical science university in Tehran in 1999. He started evaluating patients as a certified prosthetist and orthotist since then. His focus has been mostly on spine and knee/foot deformities. He has evaluated and been part of the treatment team of many scoliosis patients. In 1998, he accomplished the skeletal screening at the middle schools of Tehran, which had not been done before. The results of this screening, helped practitioners and students on treating patients. 

He was also MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) orthotist/prosthetist during their stay in Tehran, evaluating and providing orthoses/prostheses voluntarily to Iraqi’s patients who survived the Gulf War.

After moving to the Unites States, he completed his residency in Los Angeles, CA and has been certified in both orthotics and prosthetics by American Board Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.


​Having an experience working at UCLA kids skeletal department, brought him to the point of loving to help kids who suffer from musculoskeletal deformity and change their life to as close as normal as possible. Darya is California Children's Services (CCS) paneled orthotist prosthetist.

Darya is also Board Examiner at American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC).


Darya sees patients who are in need of Orthotics and Prosthetics at two locations in Southern California.


He lives in Orange County with his wife and his 2 little boys and love to spend time with his family on weekends.

American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists - AAOP Fellow of the Academy - 2020-09-29.
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Our mission

“Orthotics and Prosthetics” is one of the few health care professions that not everybody knows about it, unless you or someone in your close family have been referred to before. Today there is a broad range of orthosis and prosthesis that could change our life, from the simple support to high-tech prosthetic joints. 


Pioneer orthotics and prosthetics is owned and managed by an ABC board certified orthotist and prosthetist who is also an ABC board examiner. Our facility is accredited by American Board Certification to make sure we have the highest standards in the profession. 

At Pioneer orthotics and prosthetics we set our goal to introduce as many items as possible to the health care providers (physicians, therapists) that patients may get benefits from, and design, make, and provide them to the beneficiaries. We look to help people who are in need of any type of orthosis and/or prosthesis by finding the best solution for their abilities and comfort. We listen to our patient carefully, answer all the questions elaborately, evaluate, and design the orthosis/prosthesis to enhance their life quality.


We provide all orthotics and prosthetics services at our offices.

Orthoses are devices that fit parallel to the body. They could be pre-fabricated or custom fabricated. We need to take some measurements, take a cast, or both to make them. We may have some pre-fabricated orthoses in stock but sometimes we have to order the appropriate size for individual patient.

Prostheses are devices that fill the lost part of the body. They are usually custom fabricated and we need to take a cast, measurements, or both.

Casting is to have the positive model of body's part. Whole process of evaluating, measuring, and casting may take up to one hour, and all our effort to make everything smooth and have a convenient time at our offices.

There is a consultation fee, because:

We need to spend enough time to perform the full evaluation with all details, making sure that all your questions has been answered carefully, and provide you the best treatment option.

For more information regarding orthoses and prostheses, click on:







Life Casting

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